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At O’Donnell & Phillips we understand that missing, broken or infected teeth or damaged gums don’t just affect the way you feel about yourself.They impact the food you eat, the way you chew, your relationships with your friends and family and your overall health and well-being.

We use time-tested methods and the latest technology to repair or replace teeth, alleviate pain and restore your appearance and normal chewing functions. Our goal is to make dental restoration as painless and comfortable as possible!

We’ve helped hundreds of patients alleviate pain and improve their quality of life through a variety of dental restoration procedures.

We offer comprehensive care and act as your primary dental care provider, easily coordinating treatment with specialists when necessary.



Our dental restoration procedures include:

A great option for missing teeth, dental bridges literally “bridge the gap” between remaining teeth, stabilizing the jaw and surrounding teeth with attractive crowns.

Crowns act as a protective cover for severely damaged or decayed teeth, strengthening the tooth and reinforcing the jaw.

The first line of defense for damaged teeth, metal and tooth-colored fillings restore the tooth to normal functioning and prevent pain.

An ideal solution for missing teeth, dental implants are permanently set in the jaw and affixed with replacement teeth, preventing painful shifting in your mouth.

Today’s dentures are more comfortable and affordable than ever, thanks to the multitude of denture alternatives available. We’ll help you explore your options.

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